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About Us

Life Link International are a Christian charity based in the UK supporting a community in , South West

The Christian Baptist Church ‘Jertfa’ is located in the city of Craiova (pop. around 500 000 ), in the South West of the country in a region called „Oltenia”. The whole  area has about 2.5 million people.

The area of Oltenia has the smallest percentage of Evangelicals in Romania with only .005% of the population.

Jertfa (Sacrifice) Baptist Church began many years ago and we support Gypsy church from Segarcea
(a nearby small town).


The church in Craiova was  built in 2002 and is used as a missionary training centre, conference centre  and  can accommodate about 10-15 people.


Changing Lives in Romania

A look to what God has done in Jertfa.

1. We have planted a church  in the small town of Segarcea approx 35km. from Craiova.

2. We continue to have Bible study each week with our pastor George Varuti and brothers from the church.

3. Construction on our building from Craiova began in 2002 and is  about 80% complete.

A look to the future

1. We will continue to provide leadership and assistance to our church in Segarcea  where we want to build a new building as the old one is not safe enough.

2. We will continue to work, visit, and pray about starting additional churches around the city of Craiova.

3. We will seek to use all Biblical methods for reaching our area for Christ.